Synergy Helicopters first came on the R/C helicopter scene in 2006 with the introduction of the Synergy N9, designed by Jason Krause and Todd Bennett. It soon became recognized as the Ferrari of model helicopters through its innovative and detailed lines as well as its stable, fast flying characteristics. Enthusiasts for the N9 grew rapidly across the world as hobbyists found it to be an all round answer to their flying needs, from beginner to hard 3D pilots.

As time passed, Jason Krause moved on to other projects, and investor Stephen Fan looked for a new engineer who could continue design maintenance work as well as create new models to solidify the Synergy brand in the R/C market place. The position was offered to Matt Botos, a Synergy team pro pilot who had previous experience with engineering and computer science. Looking for a career change and intrigued by the opportunity to make his favorite hobby a career, Matt Botos accepted the position of designer in September 2007. He immediately saw the need to design a few upgrades/fixes for the original N9, which soon became the N9SE parts. Matt then turned his attention to designing a new Synergy 50 sized model helicopter which was completed in January of 2008 where it sat on the desk of owner Stephen Fan for nearly eight months.

In August of 2008 at the IRCHA jamboree the prototyping of the Synergy N5 finally began. It was only a few months later and Synergy had it’s first complete N5 prototype to test. The prototype machine was put through its paces for nearly one year with 1000+ flights and only 3 crashes none of which were due to mechanical failures. The production run began in November of 2009 with plans of release in January of 2010.  Sadly, on January 30th 2010 owner/investor Stephen Fan was killed in a tragic race car accident. This unfortunate accident put the company in a frozen state which would eventually change the face of Synergy. It was at this point that Todd Bennett, after the loss of his good friend Stephen Fan, decided to pursue other opportunities and handed the distribution reins to Matt Botos where he created the Botos Design & Distribution Corporation.

Synergy continued production of the N5 with Albert, a friend of Stephen, at the reins. Coordinating with vendors to aid in the release of the N5, Albert worked very hard to make sure production was headed in the right direction. In May of 2010 Synergy released The N5 which immediately became a success; hobbyists lauded it as a true “builder’s machine” with the ability to hold its line through big fast maneuvers better than any other 50 size machine on the market. The N5 was also the biggest 50 size machine on the market with the same excellent customer service but this time directly from the designer, offering a fantastic value in a recently shattered economy, making it even more popular. Without the help of Stephens dear friend Albert, Synergy likely would have dissolved.

Shortly after the N5’s release, Matt Botos accepted sole ownership of Synergy R/C Helicopters. Botos Design & Distribution Inc. is now the funding umbrella corporation to Synergy Model Helicopters. Offering superior customer service and support, Botos Design & Distribution is dedicated to keeping the Synergy brand a forerunner in the model helicopter world, as his unique and cutting-edge E6/7 and N5c designs signify.

Current Models:

Synergy 766 – The Synergy 766 is a 750-800 class electric model which boasts big gears, robust design, and an even bigger attitude.

Synergy N7 – Worlds lightest 700 class nitro which was first to market with a neutral CG fuel tank.

Synergy E7SE – 700 class electric

Synergy E5 – 550 class electric

Synergy N5c – 600 class nitro

Competition Achievements:

2012 – Australia 3D Competition – 1st Place

IRCHA Speed Cup – Stock Class

2015 – 1st Place

2014 – 2nd Place

International Extreme Fight Championships

2010 – 6th Place (Synergy N9)

2009 – 7th Place (Synergy N9)

2008 – 10th Place (Synergy N9)

2007 – 14th Place (Synergy N9)

2006 – 4th Place (MA Fury Extreme)

2004 – 16th Place (MA Fury Extreme)

Other Achievements –

1991 – Ohio State Pole Vault Champion

1999 – Keystone Kats Track & Field Hall of Fame Inductee

2015 – Lorain County Track & Field Hall of Fame Inductee