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Synergy N7

The Nitro Revolution

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Synergy N7

Fly hard......we will make more parts!

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Rail Blades

Fly hard, Fly fast, Fly on Rails!

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"Awesome product! I fly 450-sized heli’s and wondering if you ever have plans for introducing 325mm blades?"

Charles B.

"Matt, Just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Rail Blades! Not only do they handle 3D maneuvers extremely well, they also allow me to push my flying beyond its current limit, simply because they do not load the head up like other blades Ive used. Ill be using Rail Blades on all my machines!! Great Job!! Craig South"

Craig South

"Hey Matt, I tried your 606 main Rails and Tail Blades today all I can Say is WOW !!! very Impressed just about to order another set for my Velocity 50. The Blades Fly AWESOME I will be getting these from now on the Heli feels so locked in now it’s made the 600E Pro a different machine"

Lee S

"Since I started flying helicopters I have been looking for a blade that meets my standards and expectations. I needed something that could provide precision as well as atmosphere tearing performance. Rail blades have been that and more. They are accurate, efficient and beautiful. They are a perfect marriage of Form and Function! Backed up by brilliant ingenuity and experience."

Robert Evans

"“I’ve flown a lot of blades and there was always some sort of compromise. You either had to choose a good 3D blade, a blade with stopping power, or a blade that tracked well in fast forward flight. Rail Blades are the first to do all of these well without any odd characteristics. After years of flying them I can recommend Rail Blades with absolute confidence.”"

Bill Kervaski

"My favorite characteristic of Rail Blades over others are their ability to “bite” around center better than other flybarless blades. Flybarless control units tend to be a little softer around center than flybared heli’s and the Rail Blades take care of this missing “feel”. Oh, and they still auto rotate very well!"

Barry Pope

"Wow!!! RAIL BLADES 326 are absolutely stunning on my 450!!! Major difference!!! They gave me an extra minute of flight. They are very efficient!!! Woohoo!!!"

Pascal Turcotte